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Let me Google that for you

Do you think there exist people who used to just ping you and say can you google that for me ?

It is always good to teach them rather than doing for them. ( I hope my clients are not reading this sentence ;))

At least I used to get lots of ping like that. But coderifous has created a nice little thing that can solve your problem.

So introducing let me google that for you.

Now if someone pings you and ask to google something you can teach them how to do it. Just go to let me google that for you. Search whatever you want and then share a link they are providing. For example if someone wants to search for say Triston Software share them link

When they will visit this link they will see a little animation showing them how to do google search for that keyword and then they will be redirected to search results page.




Mahin Gupta


Picasa out of Beta

OK… There is a good news from Google.

I think they are the one who make really cool things but they afraid of taking responsibility that yes we have done it and it is good.

Example : Gmail.. In Beta since last four years.. 

                I love gMail.. They are just too good. I can not understand why they are still in beta.

and all other services from google. ( By the way gmail has released a cool feature themes )


But finally they have done it… One of their best products, Picasa, is now out of beta.


Check the logo.. Now it does not have Beta Tag…



Mahin Gupta