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No, we aren't gonna talk about Twinkle Khanna; no matter how hot some people may find her.
Neither are we gonna practice the "Like A Diamond In The Sky" nursery rhyme!

This mail is about Advertizing; about Twinkle Beauty Parlour, jo Lajpat Nagar mein khula tha; and was an offering from the SAB TV stables.

I saw one of their promotional ads; and found that it was not bad at all!

The ad opens with a romeo on a bike, giving way to another biker to try and pataao a girl living in a nearby building.
This other guy emulates Himesh Reshammiya [or Himessbhai, as his fans calls him!] and sings teraaaa teraaaa teraaaa surooooor for the pretty lass; who then comes out in the balcony. All the while, the background music lives up to the theme.

To Himesh's shock, the girl has a moustache!!!!
Flabbergasted, he runs away from the place; naturally!
Then this girl remarks: Omigod! Kab Khulega Yeh Beauty Parlour?!
And a voice says – Jald hi. 15 May ko gali gali mein khulega Twinkle Beauty Parlour!!!

Then we again have Himesbhai.
This time, he is giving a chance to a third flirt to pataao the girl. The third guy is obliged, and removes his helmet and looks towards the balcony…..and swoosh…….
…..the screen is covered by the expansive SAB logo.

Bhai Wah!
Brilliant propaganda.
According to Outlook's survey, TWINKLE BEAUTY PARLOUR generated enough curiosity as KBC 2!

Just that the show itself, flopped miserably. But the promos hyped it up, and the show recorded an impressive TRP rating for the first week.

how i wonder what you are!


Inspite of losing his everything in the game of dice, Yuddhishthir agreed to play the gambling game for a second time.

Satiring this, Ved Vyas remarked –
"There never was, and there never will be a golden antelope. Yet, Shri Raam went into the forest in the pursuit of what 'seemed' one.
When calamities approach, the first thing to get destroyed is the perspicacity (judgment)."

So apt.

point taken.

Coming Soon … Neerav mody

Ok, Neerav Mody is coming soon on this blog…So what ?

Are clocks going to stop ticking…? Will Salman stop doing faltu movies…? Will Tendulkar believe that may be it is the time… ? Will News channels stop broadcasting Crime scene reporting in comedy manner…? Will Sidhdhu start behaving like a human being… ? Will Anil kapoor start getting old…?
Will Anil ambani stop selling bhaji and start doing business… ?  will ekta kapoor stop taking the common man's intelligence for granted…? will BMC stop digging newly made roads…? will railway authorities stop announcing a train's arrival after it has left the platform…? anu malik ever stay away from his harmonium and stop forcing people to listen…? Will a sarkaari babu look at your file without your under-the-table money …?

Yes None of them is likely to happen… But what you can expect to happen is you will get some humor,punch and some serious eye opening blogging. You just had a trailor of what I am saying if you have read the above paregraph in italics. yes, it is all from the man, the reviewer, the writer, Neerav Mody ( Mod ).

Watch out for Mod's Point…. 

Let me Google that for you

Do you think there exist people who used to just ping you and say can you google that for me ?

It is always good to teach them rather than doing for them. ( I hope my clients are not reading this sentence ;))

At least I used to get lots of ping like that. But coderifous has created a nice little thing that can solve your problem.

So introducing let me google that for you.

Now if someone pings you and ask to google something you can teach them how to do it. Just go to let me google that for you. Search whatever you want and then share a link they are providing. For example if someone wants to search for say Triston Software share them link

When they will visit this link they will see a little animation showing them how to do google search for that keyword and then they will be redirected to search results page.




Mahin Gupta


Picasa out of Beta

OK… There is a good news from Google.

I think they are the one who make really cool things but they afraid of taking responsibility that yes we have done it and it is good.

Example : Gmail.. In Beta since last four years.. 

                I love gMail.. They are just too good. I can not understand why they are still in beta.

and all other services from google. ( By the way gmail has released a cool feature themes )


But finally they have done it… One of their best products, Picasa, is now out of beta.


Check the logo.. Now it does not have Beta Tag…



Mahin Gupta

Remove Language Bar from startup


I like my taskbar to as much clean as possible. I hate the languagebar showing up in my taskbar every time I startup windows. Here is how you can remove it from startup.

Go to Control Panel -> Regional Settings -> Languages Tab -> Details -> Language Bar ->  Uncheck Show the language bar on the desktop.

If you want it back just Right click task bar -> toolbars -> select Language bar, and it will show up again.


Mahin Gupta 


Cleaning Windows – reclaim your hard disk space

Hi All,

I really hate the balloon coming to my task bar saying not enough disk space on C:\ . It is really very important that your C:\ Should always have at least 15% space free so that you can defrag it. 

So here are few tips you can apply to get your hard disk space back.

1. powercfg -h off

Yes, Hibernation is a good option but it takes space equal to your RAM size in your C:\ ( By C:\ I mean the drive where your OS is installed. )

By turning off Hibernation you will get space equals to your RAM size back.

2. C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$ and $NTUninstallQxxxxxx$ (where xxxxxx is a six-digit number of KB Update )

  Whenever you install any update this little species shows up. These are hidden folders. Installing updates and service packs from Microsoft creates sub folders in your Windows folder that store the necessary information to unistall corresponding update. Windows installer uses this information in case the update becomes problematic and you try to unistall them. But if you are OK with the update and sure that you don’t want to uninstall them then you can delete contents of this folders with one exception, Do not delete the $hf_mig$ folder. Windows uses that folder whenever a new update is installed. You can even automate this process by using  Windows installer cleanup utility from Microsoft. It internally uses MsiZap, the little magician, to remove all the traces of installer from your machine. You can find a good explanation of MsiZap here and here

You can also remove contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder depending on your installation.

Edit : Today again I ran out of space in  my C:\ drive. It was displaying 600 MB as free space. I just followed first two steps :

          1. powercfg -h off

          2. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin > MsiZap.exe * ALLPRODUCTS

  and bingo … Now the free space is 4.8 GB ( My Dell Vostro 1500 has 2 Gigs of Ram )…  Great… I’M lovin it :)

– Mahin December 05, 2008

3. Location of Pagefile.sys

You can change the location of pagefile.sys and even you can split the pagefile across all partitions of your system, but make sure you have at least allocated page file size equals to RAM size + 40 MB. You can change the location of PageFile.sys by following steps 

a. Right click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced Tab -> Performance – Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Virtual Memory – Change

b. Now select any drive, adjust Max and Min size and press set.

Splitting PageFile.Sys into multiple partition does not effect the performance. And if you have multiple hard disks then it is good idea to split pagefile across multiple hard disks, more about this from Microsoft

4. Use Disk Cleanup

Ok, a child also know this but we will do it in a good way. If you are willing to pay few bucks you can find lots of programs on the net which can help you with this. I personally use WinUtilities because it does a lot more then just cleaning. If you just want to clean stuff then A great free utility is CCleaner.

But if you believe you have already paid enough money to Microsoft for OS then you can use the tool they have provided. Launch My Computer -> Right click on the drive you want to clean -> Properties -> Disk Cleanup ->  Select whatever you want to clean and press Ok.

I wonder why sometimes Disk cleanup fails to remove all files from %TEMP% folder. So I use this trick. It is risky, do it at your own risk.

Go to command prompt-> write cd %TEMP% -> write cd.. to go up one level -> write rd /s temp ( Generally it does not remove all files since any program can have opened a file into temp folder so you will get access denied for those files. ) -> If the above step has deleted the temp folder then create again it by command md temp

5. Compress Old Files 

Windows NTFS file system comes with one very good feature of compression. You can select any file/folder and ask the OS to compress it.I usually do this with my huge folders like Setups, Books, Movies, Songs, Backup. It saves me quite a lot space.

Right click the folder you want to compress -> Properties -> Advanced -> check Compress Contents to save disk space -> Ok. If the folder contains lot of stuff then it will take a while to apply the compression.

6. WinDir

Use WinDir. WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Microsoft Windows (all current variants).It is fabulous and will help you to find large log files. Delete any unnecessary files. 

7. Outllok pst

If you are using Outlook ( You should always use outlook or any pop based mail client, instead of web based mail interface ) and you got a lot of mail, and many of them are with attachments then you should consider changing the path of your outlook data file (.pst ). here is a step by step guide to change location of your outlook personal folder file (.pst) .

8. Internet Temporary files Path

- Change the path of your temporary Internet files folder. Internet Explorer may store its cache files on your Windows drive. To move them, launch IE, choose Tools, Internet Options, and under the General tab, click Settings, Move Folder. Select the folder on the drive which has adequate space. Press Ok and Ok. You should also do the same for all other popular programs. If you are using programs like Google earth their cache might go crazy with the time. Try to change their temp folder locations.

    a. Windows desktop Search :

        – Right click on Windows Search Icon in Task bar -> Click Windows Search Options -> Click Advanced -> Click Select New -> Browse to the folder of your  choice ( Make sure you do not select any folder in C:\ ) -> Click Ok.

       – Go to Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Services -> Restart service named Windows Search.

   b. Windows Live Mail :

       – Press Alt + M or click on Show Menu icon WindowsliveMail  on top right corner of toolbar.-> Click Options -> Go to Advanced Tab -> Click Maintenance -> Click Store Folder -> Note down the current location -> Click Change -> Browse to the folder of your  choice ( Make sure you do not select any folder in C:\ ) -> Click Ok. -> Click  Ok -> Click Close – Click Ok. -> Close Windows live Mail -> Restart Windows live Mail -> Check all your mails are there or not. If yes then Go to the location we have noted and delete all the content of that location.


9. ASP.Net Developers

If you are working on lot of projects then you might find  C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files folder going to a crazy size.

Ok then what to do?

just change its default path.


Obviously machine.config has the answer.

go to %WinDir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Config\Machine.config.

In the <System.Web>  there is one section named <Compilation>, It has attribute named  tempDirectory  change it to whatever path you want.

So now your Compilation attribute will look like 

<compilation tempDirectory="D:\tempfolder\Temporary ASP.NET Files\2.0" >
I generally prefer to put my all temporary folders including Mozila,Interner Explorer etc in D:\tempfolder. It is much more convinient to remember only one location to cleanup.

Now Below you can find just habits through which you can make sure you will not get those low disk space annoying balloons.

- Don’t clutter your desktop. Try to put only shortcuts there. Don’t put content.

- Install applications which are not of day to day use in other partition.

- If you have setup/Installer of something in your hard disk, and you do not use that stuff more then one in a week, then just install it, use it, and after making sure you have done uninstall it. This is just my habit.

- Adjust Recycle Bin space according to your needs and empty it regularly.

- Uninstall unnecessary windows components and applications.

- Delete all Restore points except the latest one ( disk cleanup will do this ).

10 ) Picasa -3  [ Added on 09-December-08 ]

I wanted to install Visual Studio 2010 -SP1 , and it requires mind blowing 5.61 Gigs of space. :(

Again I ran out of space, so I have started to work on getting my C:\ space back again, and I got one more culprit, thanks to WinDir

Picasa !!!

We all know Picasa scans our computer and prepares its own database. it uses “C:\Documents and Settings\Mahin Gupta\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2\db3″ path for this.

I checked it and it was almost 900 MB.

I tried to search on Internet how can I change this location, I checked registry also but the bad news is that you can not change this location.

So what i have done ?

I just copied all *.db files from “C:\Documents and Settings\Mahin Gupta\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2\db3″ to one temporary location. Now my C:\ has more 900 MB space.

Now if I open Picasa, then it will again ask you to rescan your computer because it has no database now. I forcefully killed picasa process ( Because there is no way to stop it in that screen ). once again copied all the *.db files into “C:\Documents and Settings\Mahin Gupta\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2\db3″  folder. Now again I opened picasa and bingo!!! all my images are back.

I will use this work around for the time being until google announces picasa version which let us to change image db location, till then watch this space.


Disclaimer :  Do all above at your own risk. I am not responsible if you mess with anything.


Hope it might help you to reclaim your hard disk space back.  If i miss something or you have some good ideas please let me know.


Mahin Gupta