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Fruitfultime – Monitoring, Analytics, and Enhancement of Productivity

Hi All,

Again I have found a great pair of magicians who allow me to check how productive I am.

Introducing Fruitfultime.


I have implemented following process in my office.

1. Every developer machine will have fruitfullTime installed.

2. Every machine will have Firefox installed with the plugin ScreenGrab image_8

3. Now FruitFullTime runs silently in task bar for whole day. Whenever you want to see the usage of time, just click on fruitFulltime iconimage_12 in taskbar and it will Show you a page in your browser ( We have Mozilla Firefox as default browser ) containing hell lot of statistics about your usage of computer today.

This is the example screen from their web site ( I can not show my screen for the reason of privacy ;) )

Using these stats I exactly know now how much time I am giving to bloody gTalk,gMail. I really surprised by knowing the amount of time I spend on gTalk.

4. Everyone will do ScreenGrab at the end of day for FruitFullTime statistics page and will mail it to one eMail Address.

I know I have created a work around to use a great system for free, but I will definitely try to purchase its Business edition as soon as it will be available.


You can check some reviews about it here.

You can  Download it from following location.


Best Regards,

Mahin Gupta


Typing speed – I enjoyed it a lot

I found Speedtest tool from rahul tyagi's blog. Its also interesting how I found his blog.

I wanted to know the meaning of word Masakalli  used in a song of upcoming Rakeysh Mehra movie Delihi -6.

I was not able to find the meaning of it but found this and loved it. So publishing it.

Catch : Actually on first attempt I got 48 words per minute but exactly when my time was getting finished I pressed backspace to correct a word and bingo, I found myself on the previous page. Beware of that.



35 words


Yet, if any one knows meaning of masakalli please let me know ;)

You can post your speeds also in the comments.. cant wait :)

LinkDom – The ultimate link kingdom – Issue 1

1. Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft!70F64BC910C9F7F3!1231.entry?wa=wsignin1.0&sa=516393780

Really a great collection. After checking these you will not have to go for third party utilities for small little windows tweaks. I loved Open Command Window Here.

2. 10+ tools to save yourself in School

The bonus was interesting :)

3. Are My Sites Up ?

Good small tool to make sure your all web sites are up and serving the cause.

4. WhisperBot

Send and receive confidential notes securely and its free..

5. NoScript – FireFox Plugin image_thumb

If you want to know why I suggest you this and suggest you in BOLD fonts then please check the following blog posts. ( Please check comments section also )

Advice : Please check your gMail Filters if you have clicked and visited any links in these blog posts.