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Remote Desktop : Hamachi + VNC [ Deadly combination ]

Hi folks,

Sorry for this so late post. Actually was very busy with some management stuff in my company and had a very tight schedule.

Any ways, so introducing Hamachi + VNC.

If you need to access a remote computer on Network trust me VNC is one of the best in the business. Just install VNC ( Server + Viewer ) and bingo… You are ready to access a desktop remotely.

But problem comes when you are not on same network or say you want to access a computer over Internet. Now hamachi comes into the picture. Hamachi creates VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) between few computers.

We will go step by step :

Step 1: Download and install VNC.image

You can download VNC from following locations :

VNC website :

Filehippo :

You can find Steps to install VNC here

Want to know more about RealVNC… go here

Step 2: Download and install Hamachi. 

You can download Hamachi from following locations:

From LogMeIn Hamachi Site :

FileHippo :1)

You can find steps to install Hamachi here. This article also contains how to create a Virtual private Network between two computers.

Step 3: Create VPN between two compuers using Hamachi.

With the help of this article create VPN between two computers.

Step 4: Do Remote Desktop using VNC Viewer.

After creating VPN start VNC Viewer on one machine( machine A ) from which we want to control other machine ( machine B ). In Hamachi Network right click on machine B and click Ping. See you are getting ping correctly or not. If you are not getting Ping correctly than machine B might have some firewall or antivirus kind of thing which is blocking your commands. Solve this issue.

When you get ping correct, again right click on Machine B in Hamachi Network and click Copy Address

In VNC Viewer give this copied IP Address as Server name, and hit Ok. Nowyou will get password screen. If in Machine B VNC Server you have set up a password than give that password here. If You have not given any password than leave it blank, and hit Ok.

Magic………… Now you are controlling Machine B from Machine A…. :).


Few other uses of Hamachi. It basically gives an IP address to your machine accessible to all other machines on same network. It means that suppose you have developed one web site on your machine and you want to demo it to your client who is not on same network or say is accessible only through internet, you can use Hamachi effectively. Just setup a VPN using Hamachi with your client. Give hom URL to your site with servername as your IP Address on Hamachi Network. :)

Other Players In Remote Desktop :

I love TeamViewer. image

But its free version is for evaluation purpose only and terminates the session after some times.