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Google 404 Error page – title error ?

Recently I was trying to connect to Google Plus using invite. it always gave me 404 ( Page not found error ).


While sadly looking at this page, I have noticed something different in the title bar of this page. It says

Error 404 (Not Found)!!1

instead of ( I guess )

Error 404 (Not Found)!!!


Also I think that the previous Google 404 error page was much more detailed then this one. This one looks good in terms of design, but just saying 404 that’s an error, and That’s all we know does not much help the user.

Google + invite gives 404 error

Everyone wants Google plus invite, to see what Google has done with Social Networking after failed attempts of Buzz, Wave etc.

Thanks to one of my good friend, I got the invite today, and attempted to check it.



But whenever I tried to login/connect to Google Plus I always greeted with 404 ( Page not found error )


A quick Google of this issue revealed that lot of other people are facing same issue

After reading lot of good things about the Google plus effort this is really disappointing.