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Windows 7 – A great new start

Microsoft almost lost the ground when people felt that Vista is not up to the mark. But MS is back with a bang.

I have just installed Windows 7 Ultimate and my first impression was wouuu…

Installation went so smooth and fast. What amazed me most is the speed. It is fast. I have Dell Vostro 1500, Core 2 duo T5270 @ 1.40 Ghz, 2 GB RAM. On this configuration it works very good. MS has changed the UI experience a lot in Windows 7. They have done some very small changes which will make the life easy and good.

Few of them are :

1. Now when you open My Computer ( Which is now just “Computer) ) in the status bar you will find some good information about your computer like

Name Of your computer, Domain or workgroup, Processor and memory etc.


2. Sticky Notes : No need to install any third party software or Office One Note. Your sticky notes are present in windows 7 only.


3. Snipping tool : The above snaps was created using snipping tool. So easy to use. Just start it and drag it to the area you want to snip.

4. Calculator : At last some one spent some time and improved it.


5. Paint : looks like it has been improved a lot. Did not used it yet.

6. Windows Power shell is now in built.

7. All new shiny Date Time Indicator. The Show Additional clock feature is very very handy.

image image

Few Disappointments are there also : I am trying to find solutions about it also. I will post each of them as soon as I get.

1. Why no one wants to improve notepad a bit. I know its just tiny editor and it should not have full fledged features of Editor like Notepad++, But I think it should at least have some features of notepad2

2. The old problem of Windows : The copy or move operation is so slow and the timing calculation it shows is :)


3. Network Activity Indicator is missing :


Now I hate this. It has to be there. Now I just dont have easy visual confirmation of Network activity. :(

4. Windows Explorer does not have Address Bar

I used to copy address of folder from address bar. Now I can not.

This product is pre-pidded – MS says you this

When Microsoft tells you this, He means that you don't need product key for this product. It is in in built (pre-pidded) in the installer. So dont freak out when MS tells you "This product is pre-pidded" instead of giving Product Key. Cool

Could not load type ‘Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.WorkItemTypeDeniedOrNotExistException’

After installing Team Explorer when i have started working on it, as usual, I tried to create work item from one of MS code analysis recommendation. When New Task window appeared it gave me error

"Could not load type 
from assembly 
'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'."


The problem was sequence of installation. My installation sequence was 

1. VS 2008 Team System

2. VS 2008 Team System Sp1

3. Team Explore

So Team explorer was never patched with Sp1. 

The solutions is very simple :

Reinstall the VS2008 SP1.  


Can not Open Microsoft and other Security related websites : Damn Win32/Conficker …

You can browse all the stuff on the web except Microsoft sites and some other security related web sites then there are high chances of your machine to be infected by Win32/Conficker A/B variant.
What is Conficker A/B/C variant ?
You can find detailed information about it on Microsoft Protection center.  In case you are already infected you will not be able to open this link, so I am reproducing detail here.
 Win32/Conficker is a worm that infects other computers across a network by exploiting a vulnerability in the Windows Server service (SVCHOST.EXE). If the vulnerability is successfully exploited, it could allow remote code execution when file sharing is enabled. Depending on the specific variant, it may also spread via removable drives and by exploiting weak passwords. It disables several important system services and security products and downloads arbitrary files.
 The following system changes may indicate the presence of this malware:
  • Some accounts may be locked out due to the following registry modification, which may flood the network with connections:
    "TcpNumConnections" = "0x00FFFFFE"
  • Users may not be able to connect to websites or online services that contain the following strings:

To make sure if your computer is infected or not please visit Conficker Test  link. It is a simple logic. It tries to load images from security web sites. If your computer is infected it will not be able to load images. 
Now if you are sure that your computer has been infected by Conficker A/B/C or greater, you have to use Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool to remove this maleware from your machine.  One more thing you have to use other machine to download this tool because if your machine is infected it will not allow Microsoft security sites to open. 
I have copied images and test from Conficker Test . I recommend  to use their page only.



How to interpret:

If you see this above: It probably means this:
All images displayed = Normal/Not Infected by Conficker (or using proxy)
Security/AV logos not displayed Possibly Infected by Conficker (C variant or greater)
Some security/AV logos not displayed Possibly Infected by Conficker A/B variant
No images displayed = Image loading turned off in browser?
Any other combination = Poor Internet connection?


Winforms splash screen – Great work by Tom

Recently I came across a great splash screen for Winforms developed by Tom Clement on CodeProject

I loved this splash screen. Tom has intially created this splash screen using .Net 1.0. Butthis great piece of code had some threading issues with .Net 2.0.

I have seen a lot of comments of users that they are facing few minor problems ( flickering, cross thread operation, use of registry ) and also other users have submitted respective solutions also.

I have just incorporated all those changes in .Net 3.5 version of this great splash screen. I have not written any code here, I have just read the comments and implemented suggestions they have displayed there.

Again Great work by Tom and other contributors who has helped this great splash screen by contributing their valuable suggestions ans solutions in comments.

Please find the attached zip file which contains source code of this splash screen for winforms modified to work with .Net 3.5 (193.83 kb)

FireFox – GIF cheat sheet

Some quick tips that may be handy when you use Mozilla Firefox :

1) If GIF animations on page disturbs you then press ESC ( Escape key ) on that page. All Gif will pause animations.

2) If you want to stop the GIF animations or animate it for only once for all web pages, you can do this hack in Mozilla. 

  – Type about:config in address bar of Firefox.

  – Press I'll be carefull, i promise

  – Type image.animation_mode in filter box.

   – Right click on the Preference entry named  image.animation_mode and click Modify.

   – Now you can set value to 

       normal - to let the gif animate according to its preference in gif

       once - to animate it only for once

       none - gif will not animate at all.


If you are facing a problem where you are trying to debug that why GIFs are not animating or animating only once then you can check above things. Additionally please check if use has following applications installed or not which allows you to customize gif animation preferences.

 Also ask user to disable all AddOns installed in his browser.


Thanks and Regards,

Mahin Gupta

Save Energy !!! – Why ATMs are so cool…

Hi All,

Today I have visited an ATM. The cooling inside was too good. Dont you think that, it is waste of energy and money. There are lot of regions in our country, who are facing electricity crisis.

I firmly believe, if we want a better life, we are the only one who has to come forward and act accordingly. Switching off AC in ATM can be a small step forward in this regard. I dont find any technical reasonof using AC in ATM ( Because there are lot of ATMs, where AC is not in working condition for a long time. Most of them are SBI :) )

What do you think ? Have your say in comments.


Best Regards,

Mahin Gupta

Global.asax – using directive, Debugging

A quick ASP.Net tip

1) If you want to use any custom namespace or class in your global.asax you can use following syntax to use corresponding namespace.

<%@ Import Namespace="TristonFramework.Web" %>


<%@ Import Namespace="System.Web" %>


2) When you put a breakpoint in Global.asax and if it not firing than consider following tips

   a. Make sure you are using Debug environment ie <compilation debug="true">

    Warning : make sure you have switched compilation element to false before using the web.config in production. Otherwise it has a huge performance panelty. You can read about it here.

b. Try to edit the Global.asax by just hitting few enters in blank space. Sometimes when Global.asax is not changed after last build, does not consider it for debugging. i dont know why ? But this trick works almost always.


Thanks and Regards,

Mahin Gupta

Remote Desktop : Hamachi + VNC [ Deadly combination ]

Hi folks,

Sorry for this so late post. Actually was very busy with some management stuff in my company and had a very tight schedule.

Any ways, so introducing Hamachi + VNC.

If you need to access a remote computer on Network trust me VNC is one of the best in the business. Just install VNC ( Server + Viewer ) and bingo… You are ready to access a desktop remotely.

But problem comes when you are not on same network or say you want to access a computer over Internet. Now hamachi comes into the picture. Hamachi creates VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) between few computers.

We will go step by step :

Step 1: Download and install VNC.image

You can download VNC from following locations :

VNC website :

Filehippo :

You can find Steps to install VNC here

Want to know more about RealVNC… go here

Step 2: Download and install Hamachi. 

You can download Hamachi from following locations:

From LogMeIn Hamachi Site :

FileHippo :1)

You can find steps to install Hamachi here. This article also contains how to create a Virtual private Network between two computers.

Step 3: Create VPN between two compuers using Hamachi.

With the help of this article create VPN between two computers.

Step 4: Do Remote Desktop using VNC Viewer.

After creating VPN start VNC Viewer on one machine( machine A ) from which we want to control other machine ( machine B ). In Hamachi Network right click on machine B and click Ping. See you are getting ping correctly or not. If you are not getting Ping correctly than machine B might have some firewall or antivirus kind of thing which is blocking your commands. Solve this issue.

When you get ping correct, again right click on Machine B in Hamachi Network and click Copy Address

In VNC Viewer give this copied IP Address as Server name, and hit Ok. Nowyou will get password screen. If in Machine B VNC Server you have set up a password than give that password here. If You have not given any password than leave it blank, and hit Ok.

Magic………… Now you are controlling Machine B from Machine A…. :).


Few other uses of Hamachi. It basically gives an IP address to your machine accessible to all other machines on same network. It means that suppose you have developed one web site on your machine and you want to demo it to your client who is not on same network or say is accessible only through internet, you can use Hamachi effectively. Just setup a VPN using Hamachi with your client. Give hom URL to your site with servername as your IP Address on Hamachi Network. :)

Other Players In Remote Desktop :

I love TeamViewer. image

But its free version is for evaluation purpose only and terminates the session after some times.


eMail Forwards – Spare a second to save your friends

Hi All,
We all love this forward messages and we welcome them since they work as a little refreshment in our busy work schedule.
But we need to be little responsible and careful when we send this forwards to our friends.
Please take care of following two things to honor privacy of our friends who share their eMail address with you and trust you.
1) Always do bcc. Never send a forward using plain To: field. Everyone can see to whom you are sending the mail and he has access to all eMail addresses to whom you have sent this mail.
Use bcc instead which makes recipient list as anonymous.

2) Before hitting Send please spare a second to remove all forward information from the eMail which contains eMail addresses of previous sender and all the to,and cc recipients.
Also check if user's has put their signature at the end of mail or not since normally users put their mobile No.S and where they work also in signature( Sometimes these signatures are automatically appended by Mail server ). If signature is there then remove all the signatures. This is very important.

3) Let the subject line indicate Fw: or Fwd:
This will help recipient  to differentiate if the eMail is Forward or a Text. He can also use filters ( gMail ), Rules ( Outlook ) to categorize eMails as Forwards.
Follow this steps since they will hardly take few seconds and you will save your beloved friends from being victim of social engineering or tele callers or spammers.

Note : You can forward this eMail but please make sure you have followed above steps.
I have also published it as a blog entry in my blog. If you want to say anything regarding this please send me a comment on my blog or reply this mail.