BlogEngine – Windows Live Writer Bug – Post not visible

I am using BlogEngine for my blog and using Windows Live Writer to post it to my blog.

I came across a very strange thing today.

I have posted a post using Windows Live Writer but it was not visible to the world. Strangely I was able to see it when I am logged in to my blog, moreover in the Month Archive

After digging sometime I got the point. BlogEngine comes with a handy feature of preposting, where you can publish a post in advance and it will be visible to the world only after it's publish time you have set.

The problem was basically of the difference between my Local Time and Server time.

When I post it using Live Writer it sets the publish time according to my local time. When BlogEngine displays any post it checks for its publish time and will display it only if the publish time is not in future.

So What is the solution :

1. When you post to your blog through live Writer, Set the publish date which is not in future for your Server.


1. Post to your blog through Live Writer, Go to your blog admin panel, change the publish date.


1. Wait for future… it will show up automatically. :)

Any ways…. Take my words, except this small problems the combination of BlogEngine and Windows Live Writer is killer… too Good.

I will give this pair 5/5.


Thanks and regards,

Mahin Gupta

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