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Windows Phone 7 – Resources

This post I am compiling as a refernce material for me and other enthusiasts trying their hands on Windows Phone 7.

I want to start it by quoting first paragrpah of Windows Phone 7 book by CHARLES PETZOLD 

Sometimes it becomes apparent that previous approaches to a problem haven’t quite worked the way you anticipated. Perhaps you just need to clear away the smoky residue of the past, take a deep breath, and try again with a new attitude and fresh ideas. In golf, it’s known as a “mulligan”; in schoolyard sports, it’s called a “do-over”; and in the computer industry, we say it’s a “reboot.”

vs.php Tip : Map .phtml files to .HTML Editor

I recently started to work on one of cool zend framework applications. I have my roots basically in .Net Environment and I love Visual Studio as IDE.

So I decide to use Vs.PHP as a PHP plugin in Visual Studio which allows me to use Visual Studio 2010 for developing PHP applications.

In zend application, you view files have .phtml extension, which by default do not meet to any Editor in Visual Studio, so you don’t get any sensible intellisens by default. That’s pure annoying.

What you lose :

1. Intellisese

2. Rich formatting options provided by visual Studio like “Format Selection”

Solution :

1. Go to Tools –> Options –> Text Editor –> File extension

2. In Extension write .phtml and In Editor drop down select HTML Editor


3. Press Ok.

4. Restart Visual Studio

5. If any .phtml files opened by default close them and reopen.

Congratulations.. Now you are having good formatting options, intellisense at your service.

Note : Format Selection will not work on lines containing  <?php lines.