Coming Soon … Neerav mody

Ok, Neerav Mody is coming soon on this blog…So what ?

Are clocks going to stop ticking…? Will Salman stop doing faltu movies…? Will Tendulkar believe that may be it is the time… ? Will News channels stop broadcasting Crime scene reporting in comedy manner…? Will Sidhdhu start behaving like a human being… ? Will Anil kapoor start getting old…?
Will Anil ambani stop selling bhaji and start doing business… ?  will ekta kapoor stop taking the common man's intelligence for granted…? will BMC stop digging newly made roads…? will railway authorities stop announcing a train's arrival after it has left the platform…? anu malik ever stay away from his harmonium and stop forcing people to listen…? Will a sarkaari babu look at your file without your under-the-table money …?

Yes None of them is likely to happen… But what you can expect to happen is you will get some humor,punch and some serious eye opening blogging. You just had a trailor of what I am saying if you have read the above paregraph in italics. yes, it is all from the man, the reviewer, the writer, Neerav Mody ( Mod ).

Watch out for Mod's Point…. 

  • neerav.mody

    Well, that was quite an intro by Mahin. What I am going to flood the pages with is movie and hotel reviews, articles that relate to current affairs, and some total nonsense that doesn’t really relate to anything, amongst a lot of other stuff.
    Additionally, there will be a Wow series, that will make some points to suggest that probably the ancient people actually were more technologically advanced than what we think they really were. Would appreciate your views and feedback on that chain of thoughts.

  • Mahing Gupta

    Well its my [b]owner[/b] and pleasure to share this blog space with you.
    ( Surprised na.. Exactly I have used word owner instead of honor when I thanked him. Poor English and poor Mahin :) )

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