eMail Forwards – Spare a second to save your friends

Hi All,
We all love this forward messages and we welcome them since they work as a little refreshment in our busy work schedule.
But we need to be little responsible and careful when we send this forwards to our friends.
Please take care of following two things to honor privacy of our friends who share their eMail address with you and trust you.
1) Always do bcc. Never send a forward using plain To: field. Everyone can see to whom you are sending the mail and he has access to all eMail addresses to whom you have sent this mail.
Use bcc instead which makes recipient list as anonymous.

2) Before hitting Send please spare a second to remove all forward information from the eMail which contains eMail addresses of previous sender and all the to,and cc recipients.
Also check if user's has put their signature at the end of mail or not since normally users put their mobile No.S and where they work also in signature( Sometimes these signatures are automatically appended by Mail server ). If signature is there then remove all the signatures. This is very important.

3) Let the subject line indicate Fw: or Fwd:
This will help recipient  to differentiate if the eMail is Forward or a Text. He can also use filters ( gMail ), Rules ( Outlook ) to categorize eMails as Forwards.
Follow this steps since they will hardly take few seconds and you will save your beloved friends from being victim of social engineering or tele callers or spammers.

Note : You can forward this eMail but please make sure you have followed above steps.
I have also published it as a blog entry in my blog. If you want to say anything regarding this please send me a comment on my blog or reply this mail.

  • Ashish Thakker

    Hi Mahin,
    Glad to find that you care this much for your friends. :)
    I appreciate your feeling that you spared time to write this post.
    Keep it up :)

  • Ankur Gandhi

    I agree with this..we have to be careful when we forward the messages to our friends and relatives.Thanks for the post..