FireFox – GIF cheat sheet

Some quick tips that may be handy when you use Mozilla Firefox :

1) If GIF animations on page disturbs you then press ESC ( Escape key ) on that page. All Gif will pause animations.

2) If you want to stop the GIF animations or animate it for only once for all web pages, you can do this hack in Mozilla. 

  – Type about:config in address bar of Firefox.

  – Press I'll be carefull, i promise

  – Type image.animation_mode in filter box.

   – Right click on the Preference entry named  image.animation_mode and click Modify.

   – Now you can set value to 

       normal - to let the gif animate according to its preference in gif

       once - to animate it only for once

       none - gif will not animate at all.


If you are facing a problem where you are trying to debug that why GIFs are not animating or animating only once then you can check above things. Additionally please check if use has following applications installed or not which allows you to customize gif animation preferences.

 Also ask user to disable all AddOns installed in his browser.


Thanks and Regards,

Mahin Gupta

  • Ashish

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    Shows the research you did yesterday to solve the GIF problem.
    Any ways, I appreciate your habit. whenever you face some problem, you solve it by researching and on the next day, you write a post. :)
    Keep it up partner :)

  • mahingupta

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