Network Connection Periodically goes down

It is tough job to lead some one, because now their Hardware/Software all kinds of problems are yours.

I am not a good trouble shooter when it comes to hardware, but in this job I have to do everything.

Recently one of my employee was facing very strange problem. Her Network connection used to go down periodically after some inactivity.

I have tried a lot to troubleshoot it but found nothing relevant on Internet. Everyone was suspecting a virus or something malicious.

But after some careful digging I got it solved by some extent.

Here how it goes…

Windows have one handy feature of Power saving… :) I think now you got it.  So below are the steps

1. Double Click on network Icon in your taskbar. NetworkIcon

2. Click On Properties

3. Click on Configure button next to your Network card

4. Click On Power Management Tab.

5. Uncheck Allow the computer to turn  off this device to save power. Check box.

6. Click Ok.

7. Click Close.

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