Google Toolbar – Send to sms is retired…

Google toolbar had a feature to share a link with friends via sms. It was available for US numbers only.



But it seems that they have pulled out plugs from it.


I used it for couple of times to share something with my friends. it was very quick. Lets hope it will be back with same or some other name in near future.



Mahin Gupta

App_Offline.htm – An easy way to take your application offline.

Sometimes it is really a big pain to take your application offline. has one very good feature to take your application offline without any pain.

Method : put an HTML file named app_offline.htm in the root directory of your web site. will shutdown your application, Will unload your application domain, and for every request made to your web site it will return the content of App_Offline.htm

So now you don’t need to write any logic for taking your application offline.

Remarks :

1. Make sure you put at least 512 bytes content in the page, otherwise the browser will display 404 Not Found.


There is one more way to take your application offline : You can set enabled attribute to false  in <httpRuntime> tag.



Mahin Gupta

BlogEngine – Windows Live Writer Bug – Post not visible

I am using BlogEngine for my blog and using Windows Live Writer to post it to my blog.

I came across a very strange thing today.

I have posted a post using Windows Live Writer but it was not visible to the world. Strangely I was able to see it when I am logged in to my blog, moreover in the Month Archive

After digging sometime I got the point. BlogEngine comes with a handy feature of preposting, where you can publish a post in advance and it will be visible to the world only after it's publish time you have set.

The problem was basically of the difference between my Local Time and Server time.

When I post it using Live Writer it sets the publish time according to my local time. When BlogEngine displays any post it checks for its publish time and will display it only if the publish time is not in future.

So What is the solution :

1. When you post to your blog through live Writer, Set the publish date which is not in future for your Server.


1. Post to your blog through Live Writer, Go to your blog admin panel, change the publish date.


1. Wait for future… it will show up automatically. :)

Any ways…. Take my words, except this small problems the combination of BlogEngine and Windows Live Writer is killer… too Good.

I will give this pair 5/5.


Thanks and regards,

Mahin Gupta

Google Talk chatback badge on your Blog/Web

Here it is… Google again came with bang.

One of my client needed live Chat support on his web site. So I have tried lots of options including third party component, making my own chat system but than I came across the Google thing. Yes, you can add google talk chat support on your blog/Web site.

They call it Google Talk chatback badge.

If you want one for your own than go to

They will ask you for login, after login you will be redirected to Create a Google Talk chatback badge Page.


Rest of the steps are very easy..

1. Select a title for your badge.

2. Write your nick name : ( Mahin )

3. Select Style depending on layout of your website or blog.

4. if you want to display your status message there then check the checkbox Show your status message.

5. Click update badge.

You will be given a script in below textbox, just copy and paste this script in your blog/Website.


How it works :

1. If your gTalk Status is Available ie. Your status icon is green ball Available then your nick name/Title will become hyperlink. ( If your status is busy then it will not be a hyperlink.)

2. When someone will click on that link

– he will get a popup chat window.

– You will get a chat from with one link. If you want to join this chat than click on that link.

– you will be redirected to your default browser to open a popup window. if you are not already  logged in in to your gMail account than it will ask you to login.

– After login you will get Launch Chat button. Click on that and you will get a popup window, where you can chat with user.


Remarks :

1. Both party must have Flash 8 or higher plugin installed in their browsers.

2. System is quiet slow, so better you write warning about same in your blog/Website.

3. You should not put this type of things directly on your home page, because basically it is a cross domain request so it will affect the loading time of your home page. So better you put link for this on home page and open a pop up or new page for this.

Network Connection Periodically goes down

It is tough job to lead some one, because now their Hardware/Software all kinds of problems are yours.

I am not a good trouble shooter when it comes to hardware, but in this job I have to do everything.

Recently one of my employee was facing very strange problem. Her Network connection used to go down periodically after some inactivity.

I have tried a lot to troubleshoot it but found nothing relevant on Internet. Everyone was suspecting a virus or something malicious.

But after some careful digging I got it solved by some extent.

Here how it goes…

Windows have one handy feature of Power saving… :) I think now you got it.  So below are the steps

1. Double Click on network Icon in your taskbar. NetworkIcon

2. Click On Properties

3. Click on Configure button next to your Network card

4. Click On Power Management Tab.

5. Uncheck Allow the computer to turn  off this device to save power. Check box.

6. Click Ok.

7. Click Close.


No, we aren't gonna talk about Twinkle Khanna; no matter how hot some people may find her.
Neither are we gonna practice the "Like A Diamond In The Sky" nursery rhyme!

This mail is about Advertizing; about Twinkle Beauty Parlour, jo Lajpat Nagar mein khula tha; and was an offering from the SAB TV stables.

I saw one of their promotional ads; and found that it was not bad at all!

The ad opens with a romeo on a bike, giving way to another biker to try and pataao a girl living in a nearby building.
This other guy emulates Himesh Reshammiya [or Himessbhai, as his fans calls him!] and sings teraaaa teraaaa teraaaa surooooor for the pretty lass; who then comes out in the balcony. All the while, the background music lives up to the theme.

To Himesh's shock, the girl has a moustache!!!!
Flabbergasted, he runs away from the place; naturally!
Then this girl remarks: Omigod! Kab Khulega Yeh Beauty Parlour?!
And a voice says – Jald hi. 15 May ko gali gali mein khulega Twinkle Beauty Parlour!!!

Then we again have Himesbhai.
This time, he is giving a chance to a third flirt to pataao the girl. The third guy is obliged, and removes his helmet and looks towards the balcony…..and swoosh…….
…..the screen is covered by the expansive SAB logo.

Bhai Wah!
Brilliant propaganda.
According to Outlook's survey, TWINKLE BEAUTY PARLOUR generated enough curiosity as KBC 2!

Just that the show itself, flopped miserably. But the promos hyped it up, and the show recorded an impressive TRP rating for the first week.

how i wonder what you are!


Inspite of losing his everything in the game of dice, Yuddhishthir agreed to play the gambling game for a second time.

Satiring this, Ved Vyas remarked –
"There never was, and there never will be a golden antelope. Yet, Shri Raam went into the forest in the pursuit of what 'seemed' one.
When calamities approach, the first thing to get destroyed is the perspicacity (judgment)."

So apt.

point taken.

Coming Soon … Neerav mody

Ok, Neerav Mody is coming soon on this blog…So what ?

Are clocks going to stop ticking…? Will Salman stop doing faltu movies…? Will Tendulkar believe that may be it is the time… ? Will News channels stop broadcasting Crime scene reporting in comedy manner…? Will Sidhdhu start behaving like a human being… ? Will Anil kapoor start getting old…?
Will Anil ambani stop selling bhaji and start doing business… ?  will ekta kapoor stop taking the common man's intelligence for granted…? will BMC stop digging newly made roads…? will railway authorities stop announcing a train's arrival after it has left the platform…? anu malik ever stay away from his harmonium and stop forcing people to listen…? Will a sarkaari babu look at your file without your under-the-table money …?

Yes None of them is likely to happen… But what you can expect to happen is you will get some humor,punch and some serious eye opening blogging. You just had a trailor of what I am saying if you have read the above paregraph in italics. yes, it is all from the man, the reviewer, the writer, Neerav Mody ( Mod ).

Watch out for Mod's Point…. 

Let me Google that for you

Do you think there exist people who used to just ping you and say can you google that for me ?

It is always good to teach them rather than doing for them. ( I hope my clients are not reading this sentence ;))

At least I used to get lots of ping like that. But coderifous has created a nice little thing that can solve your problem.

So introducing let me google that for you.

Now if someone pings you and ask to google something you can teach them how to do it. Just go to let me google that for you. Search whatever you want and then share a link they are providing. For example if someone wants to search for say Triston Software share them link

When they will visit this link they will see a little animation showing them how to do google search for that keyword and then they will be redirected to search results page.




Mahin Gupta


Picasa out of Beta

OK… There is a good news from Google.

I think they are the one who make really cool things but they afraid of taking responsibility that yes we have done it and it is good.

Example : Gmail.. In Beta since last four years.. 

                I love gMail.. They are just too good. I can not understand why they are still in beta.

and all other services from google. ( By the way gmail has released a cool feature themes )


But finally they have done it… One of their best products, Picasa, is now out of beta.


Check the logo.. Now it does not have Beta Tag…



Mahin Gupta