Save Energy !!! – Why ATMs are so cool…

Hi All,

Today I have visited an ATM. The cooling inside was too good. Dont you think that, it is waste of energy and money. There are lot of regions in our country, who are facing electricity crisis.

I firmly believe, if we want a better life, we are the only one who has to come forward and act accordingly. Switching off AC in ATM can be a small step forward in this regard. I dont find any technical reasonof using AC in ATM ( Because there are lot of ATMs, where AC is not in working condition for a long time. Most of them are SBI :) )

What do you think ? Have your say in comments.


Best Regards,

Mahin Gupta

  • Ashish

    I agree with you mahin. :)

  • Hardika

    Actually there are many other places where this happens….You can not say to switch off AC but if it will maintain normal temperature then it may be a midway solution…

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