No, we aren't gonna talk about Twinkle Khanna; no matter how hot some people may find her.
Neither are we gonna practice the "Like A Diamond In The Sky" nursery rhyme!

This mail is about Advertizing; about Twinkle Beauty Parlour, jo Lajpat Nagar mein khula tha; and was an offering from the SAB TV stables.

I saw one of their promotional ads; and found that it was not bad at all!

The ad opens with a romeo on a bike, giving way to another biker to try and pataao a girl living in a nearby building.
This other guy emulates Himesh Reshammiya [or Himessbhai, as his fans calls him!] and sings teraaaa teraaaa teraaaa surooooor for the pretty lass; who then comes out in the balcony. All the while, the background music lives up to the theme.

To Himesh's shock, the girl has a moustache!!!!
Flabbergasted, he runs away from the place; naturally!
Then this girl remarks: Omigod! Kab Khulega Yeh Beauty Parlour?!
And a voice says – Jald hi. 15 May ko gali gali mein khulega Twinkle Beauty Parlour!!!

Then we again have Himesbhai.
This time, he is giving a chance to a third flirt to pataao the girl. The third guy is obliged, and removes his helmet and looks towards the balcony…..and swoosh…….
…..the screen is covered by the expansive SAB logo.

Bhai Wah!
Brilliant propaganda.
According to Outlook's survey, TWINKLE BEAUTY PARLOUR generated enough curiosity as KBC 2!

Just that the show itself, flopped miserably. But the promos hyped it up, and the show recorded an impressive TRP rating for the first week.

how i wonder what you are!

  • Mahing Gupta

    Ya Neerav, I really enjoyed that ad.

    One of the great ads that I seen goes as below :
    There is a white board of a huge size. There is nothing written over there. in the middle of the board you will find

    ( Before )

    ) After (

    At the end of the board there was address of some Health club.

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