Winforms splash screen – Great work by Tom

Recently I came across a great splash screen for Winforms developed by Tom Clement on CodeProject

I loved this splash screen. Tom has intially created this splash screen using .Net 1.0. Butthis great piece of code had some threading issues with .Net 2.0.

I have seen a lot of comments of users that they are facing few minor problems ( flickering, cross thread operation, use of registry ) and also other users have submitted respective solutions also.

I have just incorporated all those changes in .Net 3.5 version of this great splash screen. I have not written any code here, I have just read the comments and implemented suggestions they have displayed there.

Again Great work by Tom and other contributors who has helped this great splash screen by contributing their valuable suggestions ans solutions in comments.

Please find the attached zip file which contains source code of this splash screen for winforms modified to work with .Net 3.5 (193.83 kb)

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